Posted by: Jake Bayless | December 21, 2009

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Ranch-Direct Grass Fed Beef

Our vision at is to serve Bay Area families & communities with ranch-direct grass fed beef.  We like the idea of cattle being used locally & maximally to their intent.  Thus, we only slaughter when we have a complete beef sold.   No waste.

The current cattle market is complicated with the majority of cattle going to feedlots with thousands of other animals.  There they are fed heavily on fattening additives, grain, antibiotics, steroids, hormones and supplements to add weight to the animal prior to slaughter.  It is impossible to track the chain of custody. . .  and, in the unfortunate event that there is a recall, hundreds of thousands of pounds of beef are simply discarded.  We feel this is an abysmal waste of life (and energy).

Grass fed beef is different than the box meat industry standard available at supermarkets.  The most noticeable difference is color.   Natural grass-fed beef is greyer and the fat has a yellow hue.  The color is from dry curing (rather than putting fresh meat in plastic wrap to cure in the supermarket, this beef will be properly cured for 3 weeks).  The yellow hue is evidence of the beef converting grass into vitamin K.  This type of fat is the good fat with omega 3 and 6, and other healthy benefits.  The fat within the meat (which cannot be cut away) is non-saturated.  The white fat produced by grain fed beef is saturated.  Even when cut lean the fat within the meat is saturated.  In the end, you will notice other differences:  superior taste, texture as well as lower cooking temperatures required.

The cattle are vaccinated.  They maintain a rigid vaccination program to ensure the health of the herd.  This vaccination program accords with the USDA regulations and is consistent with every piece of beef (unless USDA certified Organic).  They are not given antibiotics, steroids, hormones or supplements or growth additives.  Our cattle are provided with supplemental hay during the winter, most of which we grow ourselves.

USDA allows for certified organic cattle to be fed grain: it does not allow for vaccinations, antibiotics, steroids, hormones or additives.

A whole beef can be purchased, butchered, cured, and cut for $3500.

For more specific purchase information please see our ordering information.

We can also make special arrangement for whole beef, sides, quarters and organ meat for those true carnivores amongst us.  In these cases the purchaser can specify cutting directly.  The meat would be cured and waiting at the butcher for instructions.

Please be conscientious and realistic about your capacily to store meat (freezer space).  The typical freezer above refrigerator is between 2-3 cubic feet.  One cubic foot will hold about 40lbs of beef.

This meat will be professionally cut and wrapped and should keep for a year or more in a freezer.



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